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5 Date Night Ideas for Parents who are Busy

Finding me-time or thinking of special date night ideas for parents who are busy is so important.  It is especially hard for families that are always on the go with work and activity schedules. Life is busy and everyone is racing against time to get stuff done. Add a bunch of kids to the equation and it can all go haywire crazy in a matter of seconds!  It is tough to work in that special time with your spouse, so you have to work around your schedules to make it a priority.  Not impossible, just difficult. And it can be done. Having that time to yourself to enjoy your better half is so important that we wrote a blog post about it. Research is done, and this one is packed with date night ideas for busy parents like yourself. So just sit back and read up, then put these date night ideas for parents who are busy to good use. 

5  Date Night Ideas for Parents who are Busy

Date night ideas for Parents who are busy

Building and maintaining your relationship is important to the success of your entire family. Love is special and it needs the attention that it deserves. After all, without love and intimacy is there anything possible? Families are built on these very emotions and it is a priority to keep it alive no matter how busy we are. These date night ideas for parents should help you connect with your special someone and spend some quality time together.  

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1. Start exercising together

 If your family is into fitness, exercising together as a couple can actually help you to become closer.  While it isn’t an exact date night, it can be several hours spent together each week that you can talk, share something fun and exciting and support each other.  You get to spend quality time together and at the same time, burn some calories too while at it- win win! 

2. Create date night in after kids are in bed

 It may not feel the same, but putting aside time to spend together without distractions is important. When life is a whirlwind, who has time to really date AGAIN, right? Well, it is not so hard if you really put your mind into it, we would say.   After the kids are asleep, light some candles, open a bottle of wine or pop in a movie and just turn off the phones and computers. That sets the mood for a date. And no, you don’t have to dress up or go out either. All at the comfiness of your home.  Voila! Now, is that hard? Nope!

Focusing on each other for conversation, snuggles or just downtime is so important for your relationship health. Making time to arrange home date nights can go a long way in nourishing your family life plus overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

3. Swap out babysitting with local peers who need the break as well

 If you have friends in your area who also have kids, you can easily offer to babysit their kids one weekend if they will do the same for you the next weekend.  This works great for both couples to have a date night, while not having to worry about pricey childcare.  The bargain/barter system works great among friend groups who have common interests or kids with similar ages. There are tons of Facebook groups as well locally based that you can join to explore the possibilities.  Of course, caution is advised when you go this route. Always make sure you know everything there is to know about the babysitter you hire if you don’t know them personally. 

4. Take advantage of grandparents offers for weekends with kids

Ah! Aren’t Grandparents the sweetest?! When your parents beg you to bring the kids to visit, don’t hesitate.  Even if they are a few hours away, you can make it into a fun weekend adventure for yourself by booking a nearby hotel and just spending several hours together while your parents handle the kids. This is genius as you take advantage of the opportunity to the fullest while Grandparents get to spend some quality time with grandkids! It is nice to know your children will be in good hands while you enjoy much needed me time with your spouse. 

5. Use vacation time for relationship building

  We typically think of our weeks of vacation from work as time to take the kids on a family trip.  This year, take one or two days here and there and skip work to stay home with your spouse instead. Self-care takes priority at times and this is a good way to see to it.  A day less vacation time with your whole family is okay when it means you are reconnecting with your spouse on an intimate level that is needed for your connection to stay strong. Trust when I say this, you won’t be sorry. 

Finding time for date night is really about thinking outside the box, and mostly about prioritizing the time you have with your spouse.  Make sure they realize their place in your life is high and that you value the time connecting with them on a one on one level.  Give your spouse the time they deserve. Doing so, you are also giving importance to yourself and your mental health.  It is not always about the kids. 

How do you find these date night ideas for parents who are busy? Helpful? If you have your own ideas to share, please feel free and let me know in the comments. 

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